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Blocked Drains

Got a blocked pipe or drain at your home, or business? Need a priority drainage inspection, a pipe relined or repaired, a sewer pipe cleaned, or a pipe replaced? We can solve your plumbing issues!

We are the blocked drains specialists. Call us now on Waterco plumbing.

When you flush a toilet, remove a sink plug or finish a load of laundry, that water's surging through a complex drainage network from your home or building and out to the street, into more than 24,000 km of pipes. When things go wrong – a tree root damages a pipe, a drain collapses, or items go down the sink or into the toilet that don’t belong there, Waterco Plumbing will find the source and fix it!

Latest technology

With cutting edge diagnostic and repair tools, we get fast results, saving you time and money. Rely on our experts to conduct work to the highest standards.

Local Blocked Drain Sydney

We match the technique to the task:


Plunging is ideal for clearing minor blockages. It is the most affordable technique.


This is another economical way to clear local blockages. Failing this, next, we'll recommend water jetting.

High pressure water jetting

High pressure water is used to cut through roots, organic matter (oils, fats) and break downbuild-ups of paper and other materials.

Fibre optic diagnostic equipment (CCTV inspection)

To obtain accurate pictures to help diagnose problems and their location, a CCTV camera is fed through the drainage system.

‘No dig' trench-less reline technology

Drain lines can be repaired without digging a trench, so you can avoid the expense of repairing or replacing your driveway, garden or landscaping.

“Outstanding plumbing services delivered with quality and professional workmanship”

We are proud to be a handful of plumbers implementing externally monitored, safety, quality and environmental policy and procedures in our business.

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