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Gas Services

Gas leak

Smelling gas? Think you have a gas leak? Act immediately.

1. Try to locate the source of the leak.

2. Turn off your meter. Don’t know how? Call us on Waterco plumbing

3. Extinguish pilot lights. Switch off gas appliances and no smoking.

If the leak is on the road side of the meter, call your gas company.

If the leak on the house side of the meter, it is your responsibility.

Get a gas safety test NOW

For safety’s sake, call Waterco Plumbing now on Waterco plumbing

We’ll perform a gas safety test and address any leaks you have. It’s an investment in peace of mind.

Gas Maintenance Sydney

Gas heating

Keen to install gas heating at your place?

Thinking of heating a house or unit?

Just renovated? Need a gas line extended into a new room?

Whatever your gas heating needs, a gasfitter from Waterco Plumbing can help.

Call us on Waterco plumbing.

Tips for choosing a gas appliance

  • Look for gas appliances with a high star rating for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Buy a unit with a thermostat, so you can select and maintain a desired temperature
  • Choose a model with timer switches so you can program your heating time.

Gas installation

Haven’t installed gas at your place? Want to find out if you have access to natural gas in your area?

Visit AGL to see if you can access gas in your street.

Reasons for getting gas

  • Cheaper than coal-powered electricity
  • Excellent heating capacity
  • Better for the environment (than coal-based electricity generation)

Gas heater installation, maintenance and repair

Waterco Plumbing offers a comprehensive installation, maintenance and repair service for all types and brands of gas heaters.

We recommend that all gas heaters and appliances be serviced as per their specifications.

Gas cooker installation

Waterco Plumbing’s highly qualified, experienced and professional gas repair team will install all makes and models of gas stoves, gas ovens and gas cooktops.

“Outstanding plumbing services delivered with quality and professional workmanship”

We are proud to be a handful of plumbers implementing externally monitored, safety, quality and environmental policy and procedures in our business.

For all your gas plumbing needs, call Waterco Plumbing on Waterco plumbing

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